First Name:                                                       Ali
Last Name:                                                       Baghban khomami
Date of Birth:                                                   1981.05.17
Place of Birth:                                                  Iran

Live in ;                                                             Deutschland


      Skills: Designer, Painter, Graphist , Statuary



2010 : Russia language certificate from Astarakhan Technical University, Russia
2000: Graphic Technician from Shahid Rajaei Technical and Vocational College, Lahijan , Iran
1998: Diploma of graphic, Vali Asre Art School, Rasht , Iran



Work Experience:

Solo Exhibitions:

2022: kurashim .Skulptur instalation  Brühl - germany
2011: Red Snow, Artist House of Soviet Union, Russia
2010:12 Hours of Painting on the Ghazian Bridge of Bandar-e-Anzali (Remember of Shahin Barvar)
2010: Astarakhan Technical University, Russia
2005: Painting on Bandar-e-Anzali Bridge, Iran
2005: Yellow wall of Bandar-e-Anzali, Iran
2003: Art and Cultural Complex, Rasht, Iran

Group Exhibitions:

2019:The Holy and Violence (Das Heilige und die Gewalt),Sankt Michael Church, Center for Contemporary Art and Music, Cologne
2013: Human Science University (Women, Body, Authority), Cologne, Germany
2012: Exhibition Artists Sixties Gilan, Iran
2005: Visual Effects Artists Gilan, Bahman Cultural House, Tehran, Iran
2004: Bonbast Painting Festival Gallery, Bandar-e-Anzali, Iran
1999: Exhibition Cultural House, Bandar-e-Anzali, Iran




2021: Tehran to Miami-book cover and illustations
2015: Cover music albom design “Sade” by Shahin Najafi
2014: Design Poster of 25 the conference Iranian Women’s studies foundation(IWSF)USA
2014: Design Poster of 13 the Dhaka international film Festival
2013: Design Poster of 16 the Religion Today international film festival
2013: Cover music design “The Execution” a work by Okhtapus ,Supported by International Camping for Human Rights in Iran
2013: Cover music albom design “tramadol” by Shahin Najafi
2012: Design Poster of 12 the Dhaka international film festival
2012: Design Poster of “The Bear-Foot leader” a documentary by Zohreh Zamani
2011: Design Poster of 14 the Religion Today international film festival



2015: Majid Kazemi’s portrat, Koeln, Deutschland
2012: Shohada Square, Bandar-e-Anzali , Iran
2011: Omar Khayyam, Russia
2008: Ghayghran siroos (One of the famous Iranian footballers), Football Stadium, Bandar-e-Anzali, Iran
2008: Ahmed Ashour poor, Tehran, Iran
2007: Amir kabir, Kerman, Iran
2007: Farabi , Kerman , Iran
2007: Bad e gileva Statue, 1st. Iranian Documentary Cinema Seminar, Bandar-e-Anzali, Iran
2006: 340 meter of featured Painting, Kossar Cultural house of Women, Kerman , Iran
2006: Dr. Kazemi Ashtiani, Tehran, Iran



Wall painting
2006-2007: 3000 meter of wall painting of Kerman city, Kerman, Iran



Other Activities:

2012: Design and Implementation Décor (Arus guleh) of Mobarak Puppet Theater International Festival, Tehran , Iran
Director: Ali Shakourpour

2012: Design and Implementation Décor of Comic Theater(Dozdane Nashi),Bandar Anzali, Iran
Director: Reza Nazari

2012: Design and Implementation décor of ” Bear ” Theater of Anton Chekhov, Bandar Anzali, Iran
Director: Mohammad Batdavar

2009: Design and Implementation Décor of Miras Theater, Bandar Anzali, Iran

2006: Designer and Art Consultant in 2nd. Wall Painting Festival, Bandar Anzali,Iran

2005: Designer and Art Consultant in 1nd. Wall Painting Festival, Bandar Anzali, Iran




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